My vision of Squamish has...


-  Collaboration, honesty and cooperation in Council. After my 3 years, I know a major factor in moving Squamish forward in a positive manner is improving communications within City Hall. I cannot stress the importance of this enough - everything stems from how functional a mayor and council are as a team. We need a mayor and council working together, and in constant dialogue with each other and the community. I have been a relentless voice for better transparency, open communications and fair deal negotiations within Council Chambers and at city hall, and will continue to fight for this until we are a model of effective governance.


-  A thriving economy that is forward thinking and sustainable in the long term. There are many opportunities if we believe in what this town has to offer, and have a solid stand-alone Economic Development Committee in place to aggressively promote Squamish. We need to attract complimentary industries that feed off, not detract, from each other - Rec-tech that feeds off, and into, tourism, film, and our spectacular outdoor amenities.  Expanding our education offerings while linking to high tech industry with our Digital Strategy. Better supporting our renewable resource - forestry - through championing policy changes at the provincial level, and Zero Waste initiatives that see excess material being turned into bio-fuel rather than land fill. And bringing forestry, our creative community and building community together to foster new advances in value-added wood products and cutting edge building solutions to provide better, more efficient buildings and homes.


-  A clean, healthy environment for us, and our children. Environmental stewardship should be a consideration in every decision made at city hall. Our wind, water, mountains, lakes and forests are what makes Squamish so incredible, and are a significant economic driver. I have been working hard to protect our natural assets for many years, and I can’t support any negative impacts to our air and water quality, Howe Sound marine habitat, the Estuary, or our safety. While I know from being on Council that much of this decision making lies with the provincial and federal governments, I will continue to fight for the best possible outcomes regardless of whether WLNG goes through or not.  As I want to ensure we don’t get shut out of the discussions regarding tight regulations and getting the best deal for Squamish as a whole.


-  A culture where we take care of our citizens in need. It is a serious shame that there are increasing numbers of people struggling to provide a home for themselves and their families. Addressing issues of affordable housing, better support for our social services, and giving our children options to keep them educated, engaged and out of trouble, are important to me as a father and as a community leader.


-  Connectivity. I want to see our Digital Strategy completed which is so important for connecting our businesses and marketing efforts for Squamish world-wide. The expansion of our trail systems such as the Collaboration Trail that will be the size of Stanley Park (see Documents for a map). And improvements to public transportation within our town, and with our neighbors north and south that so many of our residents commute to daily.


-  Better land use to determine how, and where, Squamish grows. We need to revisit our current zoning and ensure that it makes sense for a viable, balanced community. We should be infilling existing underbuilt neighborhoods, not tearing down trails and forests to build new subdivisions.


-  Solid infrastructure. This will reduce water waste, property accidents, improve traffic flow and allow us to responsibly grow for the future.