As a business person myself, I understand the need to think out side the box and put ideas into action. I want to move Squamish forward on a positive path, and believe the following are key pillars that need to be implemented in an inclusive, energized way: 


Sustainable economic & social development that follow our Smart Growth and Official Community Plans, improved zoning for both commercial and industrial lands, and limit urban sprawl as much as possible.

Streamlining the development process for responsible growth, especially for projects that will create social and cultural equity. 

Environmental stewardship in all areas of planning and governance to protect and promote our assets.

An aggressive, stand-alone Economic Development Committee to go after new businesses on a global scale.

Better support for forestry by advocating for Provincial policy changes on their behalf, and initiating local zero waste policies that will keep wood waste out of landfills, and direct is to things like cutting-edge, clean biomass heat generation.

An open and collaborative mayor, council and staff that usher in new, dynamic ideas rather than acting as a road block. 

Innovative solutions to social housing, transportation & fiscal responsibility


Squamish has accomplished a lot during the last three years I've been on Council, such as: 

  • Opening up the Mamquam Blind Channel waterfront to downtown. 
  • Corridor Trail improvements. 
  • New all-weather soccer fields. 
  • Sea to Sky Gondola. 
  • Expansion of SVMF and SOAR windsports festivals. 
  • New business support such as Startup Squamish. 
  • And many, many more...

This was achieved with hundreds of dedicated community members, visionary business leaders, and both staff and Council down at City Hall. But we can always do better, and I believe that improved communications are the key to clearing out the cobwebs and getting more positive initiatives through the red-tape.