Hi, my name is Ted Prior and I have lived in Squamish for 35 years.

Like so many of us, I came for a visit, fell in love with Squamish and never left. By trade I am a carpenter, and have expanded my business with warehousing, storage facilities, offices, a holding company, and small construction company.

My wife Dawn and I have four young adult daughters – one in high school, one travelling, one working in Squamish and one studying at Quest. My hobbies are gardening, fishing, cooking and engaging in discussions of all varieties.

I care deeply about my town, and over the years have been involved in a wide variety of committees, boards and organizations that strive to make Squamish an even better place. These are too numerous mention here, but are listed on my website –

As one of your Councillors for the last 3 years, I have worked very hard, reading all information I can get my hands on, not missing a single meeting in 3 years, and have spent many, many hours engaged with our constituents - be it returning emails, spending extra time at City Hall, or conversing in person out on the street.

I am running again to continue with issues that are vital to livability and prosperity in Squamish such as our Community Trail Networks, Environmental Stewardship, aggressive Economic Development implementation, Digital Strategy and to get a handle on District spending to avoid tax increases. I also want to see our Forestry better supported, and initiate Zero Waste policies that see wood waste being turned into bio-fuel rather than land fill.

I have been a relentless voice for better transparency, open communication and fair deal negotiations within Council Chambers and at city hall. I will also continue to insist on a better team to work on SODC business, to ensure that the taxpayers of Squamish are getting the best deals possible. It is 100% not acceptable that council has at times found out about major goings on by reading the local papers. I won’t stop fighting until Squamish is a model of collaborative, effective, and open decision making.

Of course WLNG is another big concern for all of us in Squamish. I know that jobs and increased tax revenues would be great, but at what cost? I am not supportive of WLNG if we have any loss to our air quality whatsoever, or if it will have any negative impacts on Howe Sound water quality and marine habitat.

Squamish has so much to offer and has incredible momentum on the world stage. Sustainable growth is what we need, not another boom-&-bust economy, as we are still feeling the repercussions from previous industries exiting Squamish.

 If re-elected, I will continue to work hard. I am fortunate to have a lot of time available to dedicate to the service of this community, and I consider it an honour to do so on your behalf.

Please vote for me – Ted Prior – on November 15