Public service is about leadership, not politics.  Integrity, trust, and commitment are important values to me as a Councillor.  Everybody involved with municipal government should ask themselves, "How will my work help make this a better community today and into the future?”

After spending 20+ years on Squamish committees I have acquired a real sense of who we are as a community, where we have come from, and where we can go. Despite the cynicism out there, I always see the good that comes out of all the committees, boards, charettes, panels, and service organizations that propel this town.  I have a good understanding of the people at the table – what motivates them, what inspires them, and the strengths they bring. 

I want to actively help build this community with the contributions of other caring citizens.  By focusing on good governance, providing excellent community services, and working cooperatively towards common goals, we will showcase Squamish as the welcoming, authentic, safe and healthy community that it is. 

A Councillor must be trustworthy, sincere, respectful and dedicated with a proven commitment to building this community. I have spent tens of thousands of my own dollars over the years fighting proposed projects that would have been detrimental to a clean, healthy Squamish.  

I will continue to work hard, put in the time to be informed, and have given my full attention to moving our town forward in a positive, sustainable manner for our collective future. I want to provide a live / work / play community for my children, your children and all our families and friends.

I hope you explore my website, see my ads and articles in the newspapers, and talk to people that know me to get a good understanding of who I am, what I hope for this community, and why I should be your choice once again for Council on November 15th. 

I believe open dialogue with your elected representatives is a right for all citizens. I’d love to hear your thoughts and welcome your feedback. Please see the Contact page on my website for my phone number and email. I will also at the Adventure Centre from 1pm to 3pm on November 1st and 8th for anyone that would like to meet me in person and share ideas.


 Please vote and have your voice count.